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Safe and Effective Automatic Filling System for Adhesive from Robatech

In application of hot melt adhesive, melters become important element. The adhesive must be melted in certain temperature, so the adhesive is ready to use. It requires high temperature. Meanwhile, it requires operator to keep filling the melters regularly so later there will be continuous supply of adhesive that should be melted and applied in various surface. Most of the processes are still manual, and Robatech wants to bring more effective method. Thus, Robatech develops automatic filling system for adhesive that will bring the effectiveness and efficiency of using the melters in higher level. This will become something needed in industries that use the hot melt adhesive.

Automatic Process with Volume Options

Automatic process surely is better than the manual one. It is the general concept brought by the Robatech In its automatic filling system for adhesive. The automatic filling system is integrated to the melters so later it will not require operator to keep filling the melters. This may seem simple, but there are few manufacturers who provide these technologies. In this case, Robatech separate the container of adhesive and the melters. In other word, the adhesive materials are not directly poured or put into the melters but there is separated tank or container that later supply the melters. Then, it uses automatic process, and it is applied in the container. In other word, operator does not need to keep providing the material and they only need to check the supply in the container.

Safety Operation of Melters

In most of melters, operator needs to provide the adhesive material into the hot tanks. After that, the melting process will begin. Thus, the hot tank is already in high temperature, and it requires operator to be careful so they will not get accident. Direct contact to the melters can lead to burnt injury. In this case, automatic filling system for adhesive from Robatech uses separated contained called GlueFill. This is safer because it does not have high temperature and it is not directly connected to the melters. Then, it provides different capacity depending on the needs of industry.